More up for the Carbuncle Cup

City Lofts Apartments at St Paul's Square, Sheffield
City Lofts Apartments at St Paul's Square, Sheffield
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MORE Sheffield buildings being recognised for their hideousness...

First the HUBs was named the worst structure in the world by online travel guide Virtual Tourist.

Now, a reader points out St Paul’s Tower - this 32 storey monstrosity overlooking the Peace Gardens - was nominated for the Carbuncle Cup. That’s the not-so-prestigous annual award given to the UK’s most awful building by respected architectural journal Building Design.

The good news? It didn’t quite make the eventual final shortlist of six.

The bad news? It’s still sat there in the city centre.

IT’S not often the privatisation of sewers can provide a laugh but you have to chuckle at a letter sent out by Severn Trent Water on the issue recently.

The correspondence advises Dronfield residents they will soon receive a second letter from the company “stating that we provide you with sewerage services – this is incorrect”.

So, that’s a letter to say an up-coming letter can be ignored.

Efficiency anyone?

IT’S taken a shamefully long time, I admit, but nine months after arriving in Sheffield I finally got round to visiting the Peak District.

Regular readers may have noticed I was on holiday recently and while we didn’t go away, me and her did spend a couple of days seeing what the fuss is about those there wilds.

Cycled round Derwent, walked around Ladybower, explored the streets, sites and pubs of Castleton, Hope and Bamford.

And truly awesome it all is too, as you probably don’t need me to tell you.

The biggest compliment I can pay it? At the end of each day, as we caught the train home, it felt like we’d genuinely been away somewhere on holiday.

As an incomer, I can’t recommend them enough.