May made up at make-up thumbs-up

Lips: The Violet May
Lips: The Violet May
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...AND from a book about Eighties nightlife to a band named after a Sixties record shop...

The Violet May - who take their moniker from the famous Sheffield store in South Street - are made up after being picked to appear on an advert for make-up giant Rimmel.

The six-piece, based around Nether Edge and Chapeltown, were chosen to soundtrack the commercial, starring Kate Moss, for the new Apocalips lip range.

It means their song, What You Say, will be heard on TV screens across the UK, Europe and US from May.

“We’re delighted,” says guitarist John Kubicki. “It’s a good way of getting our music out there.

“They apparently heard it, liked it and approached our record label and asked to use it. It’s an old song - we don’t even play it that much anymore - but we’re glad they liked it.”

They haven’t got to meet Kate Moss as part of the deal - but they’re not too bothered.

“She likes rock stars, doesn’t she?” says John. “But rock stars who are richer than us, I think.”

The band formed in 2009 and have release one EP through London label GER.

“Give our next gig a plug,” says John, 30, a civil servant of Nether Edge. “It’s at The Bowery in Devonshire Street on March 23.”