Luke Prest lays it on the line

Toattly Sheffield by Luke Prest
Toattly Sheffield by Luke Prest
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WHEN Luke Prest sketched a line drawing of his beloved Bramall Lane, he thought his biggest problem would be persuading his wife to let him hang it in the house.

It turns out not.

Derbyshire lineman: Luke Prest at work

Derbyshire lineman: Luke Prest at work

For ever since he showed the work off online, his main predicament has been finding the time to field requests asking him to draw other city landmarks.

“Almost straight away people started messaging me wanting to know if I could draw this place or that for their living room or whatever,” says the architectural visualiser of Valley Road, Barlow.

So, he did them.

Now, he has not only released his eight-strong Totally Sheffield collection featuring Park Hill, the Henderson’s factory and (“ugh”) Hillsborough, the 25-year-old has just agreed a deal with legendary nightclub The Leadmill for his images to feature on 5,000 bags given to students and city-folk in September.

Moreover, he’s launched his first-ever exhibition at The Nichols Building arts and crafts centre, in Shalesmoor, which will run through the summer.

Not bad, in other words, for a drawing he knocked out for his own amusement.

“It’s been amazing,” says the father-of-two. “It all started when me and my wife Diane moved home and I did a sketch of our old place as a memento. We hung that on the stairs and I thought I’d do Bramall Lane too.

“I liked how it turned out so I posted it online – and the reaction on social media was overwhelmingly positive. People were suggesting loads of other places and I thought it would be interesting to turn it into a collection. The only problem was finding the time – but that was a nice problem to have.”

He reckons the sketches have proved popular because their simple lines and splashes of colour hark back to a simpler time.

And he’s now working on an out-of-Sheffield series featuring neighbouring landmarks such as Chatsworth House and Chesterfield’s crooked spire.

Oh, and that original picture of Bramall Lane?

“It’s hanging in the kitchen,” says the former Dronfield Henry Fanshawe School pupil. “I think Diane’s grown to love it – or at least tolerate it.”

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