Louise brings a modern touch to her antique venture

Plenty in store: Louise Anderson in her newly opened vintage centre
Plenty in store: Louise Anderson in her newly opened vintage centre
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“THE trouble with antiques,” muses Louise Anderson, “is they’re not very... modern.”

The 32-year-old thinks for a second.

“I mean young people love retro furniture but they can be put off going in antique stores because they’re often quite old and stuffy and intimidating.”

It is an image she is hoping to change with her newly opened vintage centre.

The Nichols Building Antiques, Art and Crafts, in Shalesmoor, is a vast warehouse space filled with hundreds of retro ornaments, furniture, books, clothes and jewellery supplied by more than 30 independent dealers and retailers.

But, in a bid to attract the young (and young at heart), Louise has deliberately made the centre light, colourful and humming with the buzz of modern music.

If the atmosphere is modern, however, the goods are most definitely mature.

Here you can find everything from 1950s typewriters and 1930s tea sets to 1960s mini-skirts, 1970s Beano annuals and Victorian clocks from...well, it’s not clear how old it is but it looks like something from your Gran’s house.

There’s also independently-made arts, crafts and ceramics available, as well as an on-site cafe.

Just don’t mention the Primark dress one trader put up for sale.

“She’d ripped the label out but I was astonished,” says Louise, of Wortley. “I had to tell her this is an antiques and crafts centre, it’s not for any old second-hand tat.”

Opening times at www.nicholsbuilding.co.uk