Letters: Time to get rid of your second car

Letters: Readers' views posted to The Editor.
Letters: Readers' views posted to The Editor.
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The Button Hill residents protesting at the new 83 bus route are missing the point.

This is part of a unique partnership between SYPTE, Sheffield Council and bus operators to deliver a step-change in local bus services.

Stagecoach has not decided on a whim to run a bus along Button Hill; they have been persuaded by their partners to extend a service south of Ecclesall Road to fill a much-needed gap which was left when the 3 was withdrawn and the 85 reduced to one bus per hour.

I know many people in Millhouses who will be delighted to have a more regular bus service into the city centre, even on a Sundaywhich will allow them to commute, shop, socialise, get to the doctor and generally get around without the need to use a car.

Any family which has a second car just to get to work in town can put it up for sale tomorrow, which should help to relieve some of the parking issues.

You simply cannot call Button Hill a “quiet, narrow residential street”.

It is clearly shown on a 1:50,000 map as a link road between Millhouses Lane and Carterknowle Road; far better suited to be a bus route than, for example, nearby Woodholm Road.

As the letter from NA Saur (October 1) pointed out, the real problem on Button Hill is created by the thoughtless activities of parents taking children to Mylnhurst School.

I hope this new bus route will allow many of them to do the ‘school run’ by more sustainable means.

As for the consultation, this was a month-long activity in June and July.

It was preceded by a three-month consultation in 2010 to gather people’s views on how bus services could be improved. In these days of modern communications, it really isn’t very difficult to keep yourself informed of developments affecting your local neighbourhood.

I look forward to catching the 83 on Button Hill every morning and hope that many of my neighbours will be pleasantly surprised at how convenient it turns out to be.

Bus user, Oliver Road, Millhouses