Inexperienced Labour MP

MP Jess Phillips
MP Jess Phillips
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More absolute and utter rubbish from another inexperienced Labour MP.

This time from Birmingham MP Jess Phillips who has been urged to quit after making “disgraceful” remarks on the BBC’s Question Time show.

Her slur came when a member of the audience suggested the New Year’s Eve Cologne attacks, where more than 800 women claimed gangs of migrants assaulted them, also dared to suggest that “mass immigration doesn’t work”.

Phillips responded by saying the same crime happened “every week” in Birmingham, the area she represents. REALLY?

How low will these idiotic Corbyn ‘luvvies’ go in order to convince us and to try and justify that Labours idea of mass immigration really does work?

She must think we are all as daft as her.

According to Birmingham police boss, Gareth Morris, “the city is a safe, positive and vibrant place”.

Looks like another nail hammered firmly in Labour’s coffin by another of their ‘juvenile’ MPs.

Terry Palmer

South Lea Avenue, Hoyland, Barnsley, S74