Hypnotherapy volunteers up for the Copp

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LOOK into his eyes...

This training hypnotherapist wants to turn you into the next Michelangelo - through the power of mind manipulation.

James Copp is looking for volunteers to let him tinker about in their subconscious, and turn on their blocked taps of creativity.

Why? It’s all in the name of research.The 60-year-old is studying for an advanced diploma in psychotherapeutic counselling and this project, being run at Bank Street Arts, city centre, is all part of his dissertation.

He wants people who lack confidence to be creative to spend five sessions on his couch so he can have a go at turning them all Tracey Emin. Volunteers will be asked to do one self portrait a week for a month to prove their output improves.

“I reckon with a receptive person I could get them to degree standard art,” says James who has previously taught the subject at Leeds Metropolitan University.

But a warning - don’t go thinking this hypnosis is like in the movies. There’ll be no swinging watches.

“I use relaxation techniques to put the person into a trance,” says James, of Harworth, near Doncaster. “Then I use confidence techniques to suggest they can master the skills needed.”

An exhibition of the work created will then be held at the centre in January. To volunteer email j.r.copp@btinternet.com