Hayley a runaway success

Hayley Else
Hayley Else
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AT 14 she was a teenage run-away who thought she had no future.

Just six years later Hayley Else, above, is hoping to draw attention to the plight of thousands of girls like her - by attempting to become Miss South Yorkshire.

The 20-year-old telephone negotiator of Westfield, Sheffield, turned her life around after the kindness showed to her in care.

Now she is one of 24 finalists hoping to take the prestigious title which is sponsored by Safe@last – a South Yorkshire charity set up to support young runaways.

“The charity is something so close to my heart because I was that person in need of help,” says Hayley, who now works for a Sheffield accounts company. “I wasn’t happy at that age. There were problems at home and I had an older boyfriend who put pressure on me to behave in ways I didn’t want. I was lucky, though. I had some great people who helped me to turn it round.

“And I suppose that’s why I’m doing this – it’s a bit of fun but if I can draw attention to the work these people do, that’s a big thing for me.”

Other finalists include students, businesswomen, a beautician and two sisters, Danielle and Holly Redfern, who featured in The Diary in January.

Takes place at Rotherham’s Holiday Inn in West Bawtry Road, on April 15.