Faded buildings are captured in colour

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THEY are buildings and landmarks which were once the pride of their age but which in the 21st century have fallen into disrepair, perhaps forever.

But while the faded glamour of the Abbeydale Picture House, Victoria Station and the Limit night club might cause some of us melancholy, for one Sheffield supply teacher it has been nothing less than a spark of inspiration.

Jarvis Cocker

Jarvis Cocker

For Richard Chatterton has spent 10 years bringing the buildings back to dazzling life in this range of paintings.

“These places hark back to a more glorious age somehow,” says the 48-year-old, of Walkley Bank Road, Walkley.

“They have been destroyed or are under threat through neglect or ignorance which is really sad because that spirit can never be recaptured.”

Among the paintings - done in a mixture of oil and acrylic - the picture house, in Abbeydale Road, is shown as a packed cinema, a steam train pulls into Victoria Station and riot police line up at an unnamed colliery.

In another steel workers labour by firelight while in one Richard is currently working on young punks line up outside the Limit nightclub.

Others, from outside South Yorkshire, include Crystal Palace and Brighton Pier.

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