Drink and think at chem talk

Noel Jackson
Noel Jackson
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CHEMISTRY lecturer Noel Jackson always worried his talks were a little dry - so now he brings along the booze.

His unique lectures encourage the audience to drink while they think as he uses vodka, whisky and screwball cocktails to explain chemical reactions, distillation and mixology.

It’s a case of swotting up and supping up, it seems.

“I wanted to attract more 18 to 30-year-olds,” says Noel, head of education at Newcastle’s Centre For Life. “And all I could think was sex, drugs and rock and roll. Well rock is well catered for already and the practicalities of sex were problematic, so I settled on alcohol because you can explain so much in science using spirits. I do get a lot of 18 to 30-year-olds come along but I get more from older age groups.”

At his first ever talk in Sheffield he will make a 19th century mix, explain why the taste of whisky varies, and discuss how congeners, which flavour alcohol, also cause hangovers. All while serving up in his dinner jacket.

“The audience always goes away happy,” he says.

Takes place at University House, March 4, 8-10pm. Tickets £15 from events@sciencebrainwaves.com