Drawing on Banksy

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GOOD old Banksy, quoted in today’s main feature.

Not everything he says makes sense but, fair play to the lovable Bristolian, he knows a good soundbite when he says one.

My favourite? “All artists are willing to suffer for their work but why are so few prepared to learn to draw?”

Why indeed?

AS the first column to occasionally criticise public transport, allow it to also be the first to congratulate First South Yorkshire.

And, perhaps incredibly, that’s not the opening line of a sarcastic rant.

Their decision to create a cashless paying system on their fleet of 500 buses shows real foresight and understanding of the way the world is going.

Many are the times I’ve got to the bus stop and realised I don’t have any change. It’s not that I’m forgetful, just that I very rarely carry any. I find it an annoying jangle in the pocket.

Which is strange really. Because, when I was a kid, every adult bloke always seemed to have a pocketful of loose coins.

Just the way things change, I guess.

INTERESTING new club night being advertised by the Steel House bar, in West Street.

It starts Wednesday and is called In For A Penny. Entry costs a pound.

THIS column’s dislike for the chuggers who invade Fargate and The Moor each day is well established.

But it’s nice to know Sheffield isn’t the only city that suffers with the begging little blighters.

During a weekend in Copenhagen there were more of these charity muggers than you could shake a pickled herring at.

And even the fact you don’t speak their language doesn’t deter them. When they realise you’re not Danish, they simply continue the same spiel in English.

Who knew it was a pan-European problem?