Don’t wait in the wings, let’s Spice it up a bit

Wing walker: Sandra Willis
Wing walker: Sandra Willis
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FOR Sandra Willis everyday at work is different.

Sometimes she is in marketing meetings, sometimes she is drawing up personnel strategies, and sometimes she is wing walking on a plane hundreds of feet in the air.

See, Sandra is currently celebrating 15 years at the helm of Sheffield’s Spice Yorkshire – an adventure club for adults which sells itself as a place where ordinary people can do extraordinary things. Like parachuting, jet skiing or sky-diving, for example. Or sometimes just going out to dinner.

“I’ve never stopped having fun,” says Sandra, 43, of Woodhouse. “The job is 24-7 but I don’t mind because there’s always a new challenge.

“One of the things that really stands out was wing walking. You’re so well strapped in you just relax and enjoy being up there. I’ve pot-holed, been a shepherd and abseiled but it’s meeting so many great people that I love most.”

Indeed, those great people keep coming back. When she bought the Yorkshire franchise of the nationwide group in 1996 there were only 176 members. Now there’s 12,000, making it one of the biggest Spices in the country.

Seems we like our adventure here in Yorkshire.