Create your own piece of artistic work at gallery

Volunteers collage Site Gallery
Volunteers collage Site Gallery
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IT is a cut and paste project on a somewhat larger scale than your average school art project...

Sheffield’s Site Gallery is to be completely collaged as part of a series of summer shows.

“It’s a bit like a large scale Art Attack,” says Jane Faram, the Brown Street centre’s front of house manager who is behind the project.

Don’t get too excited, though. That doesn’t mean chirpy Scouse Neil Buchanan - the bloke who hosted the kids show of the same name - is going to be putting in an appearance. But it does mean you can rock up, ask for some materials and help redesign the building’s exterior.

“You might argue that anything would be better than that garish green it’s currently painted but that’s not quite the point. This is to give literally anyone the chance to come down and get involved in our DIY summer exhibition - and then have their work on display to the whole of Sheffield,” says Jane. “You don’t need to be arty or gifted. You just need to come down and be creative.”