Could a new website see Don quids in?

Don Lemons and �1 coin
Don Lemons and �1 coin
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IT’S an unusual idea but might it just work?

A Sheffield IT technician has marked World Entrepreneurship Day by setting up his own internet business,

Don Lemons, of Becket Crescent, Lowedges, simply wants people to log on and donate a pound to him.

Why? “Because it will make me feel better having more money to pay the bills and it will make them feel better having helped me out – it’s all about positive karma,” he says.

“People pay £1 to play the Lottery every week so why not donate it to SendUsAQuid instead. At least with this they know there’ll definitely be a winner - me.”

It’s genius of sorts. Possibly.

“Me and a few lads at work came up with the idea while thinking what we could do for World Entrepreneurship Day,” says Don, a 58-year-old granddad-of-three and former steel worker. “It’s just a laugh but you never know what could happen if our email goes viral. I think a woman did something similar in the US a few years ago and she ended up making loads of money and buying a new house - if that happened, of course I’d give some to charity.”

He has his fingers crossed.

“Oh, and if this goes well,” he smiles, “I have a new venture in mind -”