Claudia’s sister act

TV Sorority Girl Claudia Wright from Hallam University
TV Sorority Girl Claudia Wright from Hallam University
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SHE’S the wild card in a straight-laced sisterhood - and boy is she getting noticed.

Sheffield Hallam University Student Claudia Wright is flying the flag for her adopted city in a Channel 4 reality TV show Sorority Girls.

TV Sorority Girl Claudia Wright from Hallam University

TV Sorority Girl Claudia Wright from Hallam University

Claudia and 13 others are trying to join the girls in an American-University style Sorority House - and win themselves £5,000.

The show highlights a clash of cultures between the prim, rule-bound, relative modesty of the American girls - who are choosing those they want to live in their specially created Sorority House in Leeds - and the party-on style of many of the Brits.

First year Journalism degree student Claudia knows which side of the fence she feels most comfortable on.

In one scene where the girls are invited for interview by the Sorority Sisters Claudia turns up in a pair of revealing shorts.

Unimpressed, one sister says after Claudia leaves the room: “Does she know her butt is hanging out of those shorts?”

A Pie eating competition, scrubbing and cleaning, showing a talent on-stage and trying not to drink too much are some of the challenges facing the girls.

And Claudia loved it. So how did she find it?

“I spent the whole summer in Ayia Napa and was still staying up until 8am when I got back and I was looking on the internet and found the Sorority Girls website,” the 19-year-old told the Diary.

“I filled in the application not thinking anything would happen but they got back to me and I was in.”

Claudia is sworn to secrecy over the outcome of the show which was filmed over the summer but did confirm that she had a great time.

“It was the best experience of my life so far,” said Claudia, pictured right, originally from Preston. “After a while I wasn’t thinking about the prize money, I just didn’t want the experience to end and I would certainly do it again.

“The American girls were a bit stuffy but the English girls were great, I’m still in touch with some of them, we have become really good friends.”

n Sorority houses are part of American University life where exclusive all-girl student houses form their own societies and audition new members each year.

n The fifth episode of Sorority Girls is on E4 on Sunday at 5.55pm. Previous episodes available on