Carpet shakers facing the courts?

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EVER shaken a carpet in the street?

You might just be breaking the law.

A reader has been in touch with a gem of a find while researching historic Sheffield newspapers.

A story from 1891 reports: “A woman was fined 2s 6d for shaking her carpets in the street. Mr C Belk, one of the magistrates, said he believed a number of people were ignorant of the fact that by the town bylaws they were not allowed to do so.”


n WE hear Dom Joly, the super self-congratulatory comedian and reality TV star, will be asking the audience to throw rocks at him at Sheffield City Hall next month.

But wait - before you rush off to buy tickets, they’re fake stones.

He told our man it’s been inspired by Stacey Solomon lobbing rocks at him in the I’m A Celebrity jungle.

“I’ve had a whole lot of fake stones made for sale in the interval,” he said. “Everyone can buy them and when I start talking about the jungle it’ll be like a cricket power play, everyone can pelt me.”

And there’s definitely no chance of making them real, Dom?

n SPOTTED: a member of Sheffield’s much hyped indie band The Crookes walking down London Road so engrossed in his iPod he almost got hit by a bus.

Watch where you’re going, young man.

n AND talking of London Road, have you seen those Carling billboards? What’s your perfect pint experience, they ask?

“Getting rid of the Carling and going with a jar of Kelham Island Best would be a good start,” a reader notes. Cheers to that.