Baxter doubles up

Baxter Uttley
Baxter Uttley
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NOW, is this proof The Diary is having an egg-ceedingly slow news day or is it actually a cracking good story worth clucking about?

When little Baxter Uttley ordered eggs for breakfast (with soldiers, of course), dad Dave reckons it was the start of a one-in-a-million experience – and he isn’t boasting about his own cooking skills.

The four-year-old was delighted to see first one double yolker fall into the frying pan, swiftly followed by a second.

“I knew double yolkers were rare,” enthuses David, a managing director who lives with wife Sarah and Baxter’s 18-month-old sister Ruby in Brocklehurst Avenue, Norton. “But to get two on the trot?

“I looked online and it said the chances of getting one were 1,000 to one. So, to get two was that multiplied by two – a million to one?”

Well, yes... but no.

There’s some science coming up here: to get one double yolker is extremely rare – that 1,000 to one figure is accurate – but to get a second straight after is just a 100 to one chance. That’s because a young hen is more likely to lay a double-yolker. Young hens are generally kept together. And eggs in a box are more likely to come from hens in the same flock.

Hence, it was a 100,000 to one breakfast.

That’s still some going, of course. But just one other point, dad: that’s surely not enough fingers for a hungry lad. Get him another slice of toast done...