ASIDELINES: WHAT would you do for a fiver?

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That’s the question being asked by a new charity website set up by Sheffield 17-year-old Darryl Mycock.

City folk with a talent are offering services for £5 on the site - with the money then going to local good causes.

So far there have been adverts to teach magic, design jewellery and referee a football match.

The website is just one of many ideas by young entrepreneurs working on this year’s Master Cutler’s Challenge. Visit the site at

A little Eden.

TEN-foot mushrooms, fire eating flame munchers, all night music and burlesque dancers?

Welcome to A Taste Of Eden, a one-off mini-festival being held in Sheffield next month.

There’s brass bands, DJs and circus shows - and it’s all taking place at a secret venue organisers are refusing to reveal until just hours before.

The night, orchestrated by the people behind Scotland’s Eden Festival, takes place May 7, 11pm - 5am. Tickets £5 from The Bowery pub in Devonshire Street.

It’s an arty cafe

IT is the gallery where exhibitions are never anything less than...different, whether that be someone smashing up bikes in the name of creativity or staying silent as part of a fine art installation.

Now amid the madness/free-thinking of Bank Street Arts, in Sheffield city centre, a new diner has opened. Cafe Juniper does a lunch menu, and, if you go this week, you might run into a chap making Mr Blobby suits as part of another installation. Seriously.