Arrow injury? The doc is here

Darren Greaves as a Tudor surgeon
Darren Greaves as a Tudor surgeon
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NOBODY likes going to the doctors - but just be thankful you don’t have to visit this guy when you’re unwell.

With his rusty saw, vicious-looking pliers and frankly rather menacing scowl, Tudor surgeon re-enactor Darren Greaves is enough to make anyone feel poorly.

And the mediaeval medical man will be showing off his surgical skills on willing volunteers at Sheffield’s Manor Lodge this weekend.

“The one that makes people feel squeamish is when we start talking about amputation,” laughs the 41-year-old of Burngreave, Sheffield. “Although obviously we don’t demonstrate that on anyone.

“But we do look at how surgeons would have dealt with all kinds of historical injuries such as arrow piercings and mace bashings.

“There’ll be kids watching with their fingers over their eyes but they love it really, they love the goriness - and it’s educational. Everything we do here is as it was in the 16th century, and the instruments I use are very much true to life.”

Darren, who is one of 15 re-enactors who performs as part of the Hillsborough-based Knights Hospitaller Association, has been doing the routine for 15 years - but this will be the first time in his home town.

He will be assisted by a Tudor nurse - or his wife Sarah, as he sometimes knows her.

“I just hope we don’t scare too many people,” he says.

He will be at Manor Lodge Saturday, 1 - 4pm, as part of the Off The Shelf Festival’s Highlighting History weekend.

Other events include talks with respected historians and city history tours.