A Star find under the floorboards...

Ann Patterson and the 1888 Shefield paper she found in her floorboards
Ann Patterson and the 1888 Shefield paper she found in her floorboards
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THE front is covered with adverts, the main story is about an outbreak of smallpox in Dronfield, and there is no Diary section.

This is The Sheffield Evening Star & Daily Times from February 6, 1888 – and a surprised Ann Paterson has just pulled the paper from under her living room floorboards.

“I’ve no idea how it got there,” says the 60-year-old of Howson Road, Deepcar. “But it’s strange to think 120 years ago someone was probably sitting in my lounge reading The Star – just like I do today. I’m having some renovations done, and there it was.”

It’s a little tattered round the edges, of course – as would you be if you’d spent 120 years underground – but it’s all clearly legible.

Other stories featured that Monday include a Sheffield man, Henry Redfern of Creswick Street, being charged with stealing 42 lbs of mutton, and a William Dewhurst, of Carlisle Street, being arrested for carrying a revolver while drunk and disorderly.

At the city’s now-demolished Albert Hall, meanwhile, Hague’s Minstrels were playing throughout the week, and in Rotherham James Buck, a former Baptist minister, had passed away aged 78.

“It’s marvellous,” says Anne, a retired childminder. “I’ve read it back to front. It feels like I’ve found a little piece of Sheffield history in my home.”