A mighty fine pineapple, Sir

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IT is a fascinating house with a fascinating history but one thing Dan Cruickshank didn’t mention in his BBC2 documentary about Wentworth Woodhouse last week was that it was one of the first places in England to grow pineapples.

Yup, pineapples.

An exhibition of quirky South Yorkshire food facts takes place next month - and there’s none more quirky than the Marquis of Rockingham deciding, in 1737, to grow the tropical fruit there.

It was quite a status symbol, it seems, and he was known to boast of it.

“I had got to great perfection,” he recalled in 1740. “Having great numbers of fruit and of very large sizes - particularly one of 20 inches girth the long way, and the round way sixteen inches”.

Impressive indeed, old boy.

The exhibition takes place at the city’s Local Studies Library as part of Sheffield Food Festival, July 4 - 10.

n BEA Marshall has been in touch.

She’s the Walkley web designer who featured on this page last Thursday after not wearing shoes for 12 months.

Quite some going - and something that’s drawn attention far and wide.

“I’ve had Facebook messages from people from all over the world,” says Bea. “From Corfu, Tuscany, California and Italy but they’ve all asked one question: ‘Don’t my feet get cold in the north of England?’”

Typical southern softies.

n NOT sure what all the fuss about the new No Swearing law in Barnsley is all about.

They’ve had signs up dictating the same rule in Sheffield’s Kelham Island Tavern for ages - and they work a treat.