A busman’s holiday to Paris and chaos

Here's an eyeful: Scott Barton's bus in Paris for Unesco
Here's an eyeful: Scott Barton's bus in Paris for Unesco
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HAVE bus will travel – but not in the Paris rush hour if he can help it.

Scott Barton and his big yellow school bus are a team in demand – so much so that they recently had a call from The United Nations asking if they could get to the French capital, pronto.

Although promoter Scott and his converted American school bus have appeared in Walt Disney and The Simpsons promotions in the UK, he has never taken the vehicle abroad.

“I got a call from someone at the United Nations five days before the event in Paris asking if we could get the bus over there,” said Scott.

“They wanted to do some publicity for a United Nations campaign to encourage and promote education in the third world and wanted to know if we could get there in time?

“They wanted a universal symbol of education and had approached someone in Belgium who also has a yellow bus but they said they wouldn’t drive through Paris in it and refused the job.

“But when they called us we decided we would do it.

“We went from Dover on the ferry, drove to the outskirts of Paris and stayed there overnight. To beat the traffic we drove in to the city centre at 4.30am the next morning and got the photoshoot done but on the way back we had to drive through the rush hour on a boiling hot Friday afternoon before a bank holiday!

“It was murder. And we had to go around the ‘roundabout of death’ that goes around the Arc de Triomphe where there are dozens of lanes and no markings. I have never come across such psychotic driving in my life. I’ve driven through London but it’s nothing compared to that.

“The good thing about driving something that size though is that people try and avoid you.”

They eventually got the bus – which Scott bought in 2001 from Oklahoma and had converted into a camper van – back to Sheffield unscathed.

Scott runs Yellow Bus Promotions from Hillsborough and promotes Sheffield’s After Dark and Fright night events. He spent the weekend in Nottingham in Jubilee celebrations at Holme Pierrepont National Water Sports Centre.