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To counter the right-wing letter published in the August 20, edition, I would like to answer that reader’s views.

When Margaret Thatcher came to power in May 1979, the inflation rate stood at 8 per cent. The Labour chancellor Denis Healey reduced it from 26 per cent four years earlier: an all-time high.

In March 1980, it had risen to 18 per cent before it fell sharply caused by her government’s destruction of Britain’s manufacturing industries and throwing three million workers on the dole, then declaring: “High unemployment is a price worth paying for low inflation”.

Arthur Scargill was proved right over her pit closure plans.

Striking miners were fighting to save their pits which had coal stocks lasting up to 300 years.

If Margaret Thatcher hadn’t ignored warnings not to withdraw HMS Endurance from patrolling the South Atlantic as part of her government’s savage defence cuts, the Falklands war would never had happened.

Gordon Brown was praised by world leaders and the Nobel prize-winning economist, Paul Krugman for his handling of the global financial crisis which was caused by the bankers’ reckless behaviour.

Weeks before the crash, David Cameron demanded less control on the banks.

Mr Brown was not the first person to sell off the gold reserves at rock bottom prices – the Bank of England did the same thing in the early 1970s when the Tories were in power under Edward Heath.

Keep your unpopular right-wing views to yourself.

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