Young don’t take pride in their home

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I feel I have to write, having lived around Woodseats and Batemoor council estates for most of my life on what were wonderful estates, along with Lowedges.

I look around now at the availability and the barmy system of letting out property. Years ago you had to be on a list for these most sought-after houses and you took pride in your house, welcomed being part of a neighbourhood and grew up and hardly left the estate.

I now look at these estates where priorities are given to young families who shout day and night, swearing at children and take no pride in the homes that they are given.

But is it any wonder, as they are mostly probably not working, having it all paid for, so why should they?

Drug bandits and lazy people who are better off living off the state than working, while the elderly, who lived all their lives here, dare not go out for fear of being abused.

For the few nice estates left you should vet people and put decent people in decent estates.

New builds are now mostly for immigrants with latest mod cons all being paid for.

Why do they not do community work to help pay back what we are given, these people with no jobs?

Surely, I am not the only one thinking it but politicians are scared to say it and offend people.

There are genuine good people who would love to work. Why should they be surrounded by yobs spoiling our beautiful country and towns due to their ignorance and bad education?

Houses should be a priority for those who work and maintain them, not expect to be kept.

Beverley Rishworth