You’ve wasted £18m putting Moor market in wrong place

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I read with interest your article in the Star on the MoorMarket. I’m a young 68, and can remember the Old Market Hall at the top of Dixon Lane, and the old bombed-out remains of the Castle Market, plus the market behind Wilkinson’s, I also remember the new Castle Market being opened in the Sixties.

All of these were at the northern end of our city centre, where the markets have always thrived.

This in times gone by was deemed the poorer end of our city with the richer southern end having The Moor, with all the high-class shops along its length.

The market was also supplied with an excellent bus service in the Waingate area.

So it does not surprise me that our new market seems to be in trouble.

When it opened you were lucky to get in, and all the stall holders had a smile on their faces.

The smiles soon left when they found out the price of moving, when the rent and rates were set.

The council assured us there was a waiting list for stall leasers. Now we are told that many empty stalls would have been selling the same type of wares, so what’s wrong with competition?

It doesn’t help when a Poundland and TG Hughes are in same block.

I’ve friends who work very hard in the market, andthey leave their homes well before 5am to set up and leave well after the markets close, working a 12- to 13-hour day.

When all said and done, our market is in the wrong place. The parking and bus service is not adequate, stall prices are too high and our council did not put enough thought or ask the public their opinion enough.

The answer seems likely to be lease out the building, sell to the highest bidder or knock down and start again.

Thanks for wasting £18 million.

Bob Swain

Sheffield, S5