You really need to listen to others before you judge

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How naive of Terry Palmer in his letter in The Star on Wednesday May 8.

No local businessperson can afford the luxuries that their workers can, especially for the first 10 years or so.

Local businesses have rent (£30,000) for a small single unit, rates (£12-15,000), then bills for gas, electric, phone, water, sewage, all wages for staff, then tax for employees plus pensions and other schemes.

May I ask how many businesses plus how many people has Terry Palmer employed and insured and paid wages to before he even begins to take out his wage?

My family have had six businesses, employing and keeping half of South Yorkshire going (50 people in two years).

Many times my family have been left with no money at the end of the month because we had so many things to pay out to others.

Many go bankrupt keeping you and your families in your cosy life tyles.

Without local business people the country would be on its knees. We take all the responsibility – you take your wages.

Also I am not, nor are my family in any political party.

So before you judge, please do your research and speak to local businesses in your area, in other words put your brain ‘in gear’ before you start speaking.

You really need to listen to others before you judge.

J Wilson

Cudworth, Barnsley