You’ll like this, not a lot

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Is it me or am I dreaming? David Cameron tells us we have to make cuts because we have no money.

Then all of a sudden, like Paul Daniels, we’ve got billions of pounds to pay for migrants.

I’ve a great idea, let all the migrants live with the Queen in the palace and all the other stately homes all over the country.

We will soon see if the Queen and all her hangers on are really bothered about the poor migrants.

All the councillors are just the same, they won’t be living next door to them will they?

Why don’t they take some to live in their homes? I don’t think so.

Are we suddenly finding some houses somewhere out of cloud cuckoo land?

It’s about time we looked after our own and stopped pretending we’re the great country of the world.

My dad who was in the Second World War will be turning in his grave if he knew what was going on. All the great soldiers who fought for their country was a waste of time.

We are now being dictated to by the country who we defeated in the war.


Mr W