You don’t get the point

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You don’t get the point. Tom Machell, (Letters, July 31), asylum seekers and refugees go to the nearest country of safety, not pay lots of money to go through safe country after safe country to be smuggled into the UK.

They do jump the housing list, that’s a well known fact, they will not be allowed to be homeless like our own.

Jobs-wise, where are these jobs? There’s a shortage.

The UK is full and a leader with guts should start mass deportation with the full backing of the majority of Britons.

In the UK, especially in England’s cities, we have seen our identity and way of life decline and it will continue to do so.

The majority have had enough, it’s the reason for low turn out at elections, the reason why myself, my wife, daughters and friends don’t bother voting except for Euro elections PR vote. But they keep wages, inflation low with more on benefits - which is the only reason capitalism appears to work.

G. Ellison

Hawthorne Avenue, S18