Yorkshire folk have less cash

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NEARLY seven out of every 10 South Yorkshire households have seen their disposable income drop in the last year, according to a new study.

Some 85 per cent of residents have seen household bills increase in the last six months, 19 per cent by more than £100 a month.

And due to a lack of money, 54 per cent of South Yorkshire households say they go out less, 42 per cent have cut back on food buying, 58 per cent have cut back on clothes shopping, and three per cent of householders have taken on an additional job.

Some 14 per cent say they plan to go on one less holiday a year.

The survey, by cashback and voucher code site Quidco, found 69 per cent of South Yorkshire people say they have less spending money than they did a year ago in order to buy what they need.

Spokeswoman Hannah Green said: “The economic crisis has hit Yorkshire hard and households are being forced to cut back to make ends meet.”