Yobs’ red letter day as warning sounded

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MORE than 750 young yobs on Doncaster’s estates have been sent warning letters because of concerns over the distress they are causing to neighbours.

The letters form part of a warning system designed to stop anti-social youths in their tracks before the courts have to get involved.

Doncaster Council revealed the figure in a bid to warn those who are involved in anti-social behaviour that they will not be tolerated.

The letters are sent in two stages, with an initial warning letter described as a ‘yellow letter’ sent initially.

Those who are still seen as causing problems are then sent another letter, known as a ‘red letter’.

The letters are sent from the police and council, telling their recipients to stop their anti-social behaviour or face further action.

Over the last year, 139 red letters have been delivered across the borough. In addition, 766 yellow warning letters have been delivered.

The yellow letters are the first to be sent when problems are first flagged up. The subsequent red letters are to let parents know if there have been further incidents or a more serious case of anti-social behaviour has occurred.

The red letters are described as a last resort before more formal measures, such as anti-social behaviour orders, known as ASBOs, are used.

Mayor Peter Davies said: “I will not tolerate anti-social behaviour and since being elected in 2009 stamping out this nuisance has been one of my priorities. Anti-social behaviour makes people feel unsafe in their own homes - and that is simply not on.”

Chief Inspector Neil Thomas said: “These letters have been very effective in tackling anti-social behaviour. A very low proportion of recipients go on to receive ASBOs and this proves to us that the letters have the desired effect.

“The police and council work together to tackle anti-social behaviour and we encourage people to come forward and help us make residents feel safe in their communities.”