Yob, 14, locked up for breaking ASBO

Josh Edmans
Josh Edmans
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A YOB aged just 14 who subjected a South Yorkshire village to a five-year crime spree has been locked up for breaching his ASBO - despite his last-minute plea for leniency.

Josh Edman, who has a string of previous convictions, admitted breaching the three-year ASBO just six days after it was made.

He was given the order for hurling racist abuse, punching two girls, terrorising a blind woman, threatening a disabled woman and punching a man’s teeth out.

Edman - who carried out 39 acts of anti-social offences in five years - was told if he committed any more he would be locked up.

Just six days later he was back in court after repeatedly kicking a 17-year-old in the head, threatening to smash a teenage girl’s glasses into her face and making a rude gesture at two PCSOs as they filmed him breaching his ASBO.

The yob, from Thurnscoe, asked magistrates to spare him, saying: “I am sorry for everything. I will behave.”

But Barnsley Youth Court said the public needed to be protected and gave him a 12-month detention and training order.

Mick Daniels, chair of Brushes Tenants’ and Residents’ Association in Firth Park, Sheffield, said out-of-control youths are causing real problems.

“We have one lad here who has five ASBOs against him but it means nothing. He is still causing trouble.

“If they breach one ASBO they just give them another. It has become a status symbol. It almost seems there are gangs you can’t be in if you don’t have one.”

But David Pollard, treasurer of Galsworthy TARA in Southey, Sheffield, said: “We used to have a problem with that kind of thing around here but not any more.

“We found that by treating them differently and getting them involved in the community, giving them something to do, we reduced the problems.

“I think if you try to find out about the person concerned you can sometimes solve the problem.”