Years of planning

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I RECEIVED the same letter from the DWP as DA Wagg.

I was born on April 10, 1953 and miss out for my entitlement by four days. All these years of planning for a bit of time to enjoy myself...

Have they go the right to do this? No heating allowance, no travel pass.

Upset, of Sheffield

Shop is good value

i’ve just read that Poundbakery is to open on the Moor. I use one at Peel Square, Barnsley and it’s very good value for money with everything a pound.

What more do we want? This will shake up some of the more expensive outlets in Sheffield.

Name and address supplied

Softest country of all

Why are we paying millions for interpreters for eastern Europeans at our hospitals, when we are making massive cutbacks on our own citizens. If you need a translater abroad you pay for it yourself or do without.

We are the softest, most idiotic country in the entire world.

Jolene Harrington. Gleadless

Mummy of the tower

When Tinsley cooling towers were demolished various suggestions were put forward for a replacement. I cannot remember anyone suggesting a mummy.

On Feb 7, Steve Mehdi, who wants someone to pay £2.4 million for his mummy, said he had to shut his gallery because lack of commissions. That speaks for itself.

John B, Crookes