Wybourn is the forgotten estate

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I HAD to laugh sarcastically at the story printed in The Star on Friday August 17: ‘Police powers to break up anti-social groups who plague city neighbourhood.’

Yet again police are quick to act in Fir Vale and Page Hall as they have done in Burngreave.

When are the police going to act on cracking down on the daily drug dealing on the Wybourn?

I’m constantly calling 101 giving details of cars, reg plates, details of dealers and buyers only to be told by one operator: “We don’t come out to drug dealers, luv.”

Another operator cut me off halfway through my description of the dealer.

Great Places Housing are as bad, it’s never their problem.

Safer neighbourhood teams, who is ours on the Wybourn? Every time I’ve asked I never get a straight answer, just fobbed off again and again.

The police and Great Places Housing Association have lost control of the Wybourn. At one house on Boundary Road the tenants never stay long as the drug dealers drive them out.

Woodhouse and Shiregreen have a dispersal order, Dore had police door- to-door enquiries not long ago just because wheelie bins were tipped over.

Wybourn is the forgotten estate by the police and Great Places Housing.

Walking past these dealers and buyers is intimidating as we never know if they carry a gun or knife.

When are the police going to wake up and do something?

Angry Wybourn tenant