Wrong trousers pupil banned from school photo - so who would you superimpose into your class pic?

Ryan Hawley (16) of Thornbridge Drive, Frecheville, pictured with his black trousers.
Ryan Hawley (16) of Thornbridge Drive, Frecheville, pictured with his black trousers.
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A TEENAGER was barred from his own school photo - for wearing the wrong-coloured trousers.

Ryan Hawley, aged 16, was all set to pose proudly in the hall with classmates for his Year 11 group photo at Birley Community College in Sheffield when a staff member stopped him taking part saying he was wearing grey trousers, rather than the regulation black.

Ryan’s dad Jim Hawley said his son was gutted to be the only one of 240 pupils to be absent from the photograph - and says the school’s deputy head later offered to superimpose Ryan’s head onto the shot.

A school spokeswoman said: “On the day of the photo all students were asked to be in school uniform. Later in the day when we realised Ryan had not been on the photo because he had not been in uniform, we offered a solution.

“We contacted the photographer and asked him to come and take a photo that could be superimposed on to the main photo.”

But Jim, aged 45, said he was absolutely fuming, adding: “It could easily have been solved. The teacher originally pulled four people out for not having followed the correct dress code - she allowed three back in but said Ryan’s trousers were grey, which they were not.

“They were faded with washing, as black does.”

Ryan, of Thornbridge Drive, Frecheville, phoned his mum Diane, 46, to say he had been banned from the school photo, said Jim, a lorry driver.

“I went to see the deputy headmistress and took the trousers up. I showed her them and she admitted that they did look a different colour in the hall - as much as to say ‘Well, they are black’.

“Why didn’t they stick him at the back? He’s six feet tall, so probably he would have gone somewhere at the back anyway, so you wouldn’t have seen his trousers.

“It’s a dress code, not a uniform, but they’ve all got black sweatshirts with the emblem on. The grey area, to put it in a pun, is the trousers and the shoes.”

Ryan said he was told to go to the PE department to find some black jogging pants or trousers, but when he returned to the hall empty-handed the teacher wouldn’t relax her strict interpretation of Birley College’s dress code.

Jim said: “He went back to the teacher who pulled him out of the line-up and said ‘they haven’t got any trousers’. She said ‘I can’t do anything about that’.”

Jim added that during his meeting with the deputy head, he was offered the chance to have Ryan included in the picture using computer programme Photoshop.

“She said they would take a picture of his head and Photoshop it on to the proper photo. But obviously it’s going to be in a different light, it just doesn’t look right. It would stick out like a sore thumb.

“This is his last year, and all his friends are on that picture who have come up from primary school. He was gutted. Out of roughly 240 people he was the only one that didn’t have his photo taken.

“I want the photographer back to do another shot. But they said they haven’t got the time to set it all up again.”

The group photo was to be used as part of an American-style high school yearbook, which will also include individual shots of the pupils, Jim said.