Worst journey I can remember for years

city centre buses
city centre buses
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I wanted to share this letter that I have just sent to the Travel South Yorkshire after the worst journey I can remember in recent years.

The changes to bus service numbers and routes have been very poorly planned and actioned. This evening I attempted to do a journey I have done many times with relatively no problem. I get the 120, (Stagecoach), from Hackenthorpe to the bus station. I change to a First 53 at the same stop and continue on my journey with no fuss.

So this evening I got off the 120 bus in the station. To my surprise there was no 53 route, no information regarding the change of number, no information about where the new route number stops.

After walking around the city centre attempting to find the bus stop I contacted the Traveline number. I was kept in a queue for quite some time. Finally I got the information. This meant travelling back across the city to locate the bus stop and a further 15-minute wait for the bus. You’d think that would be the end of the problem but not on this journey.

The no 8 bus I was on stopped to let people off and the doors wouldn’t open. After a lot of struggling with the door a few passengers managed to get off but the doors then shut again. The bus driver didn’t have a clue what he was doing and gave no reassurance to the remaining passengers. After yet more messing about with the door and switching the engine on and off over and over the driver finally decided to open the emergency exit. Passengers then had a further 15-minute wait for the next bus.This has to be one of the worst journeys I have experienced.

I’m aware that this will not be taken seriously and that nothing will come of this complaint, however I wanted to share this with you as I am also sharing this with The Star and posting it on the Sheffield Forum. I await your generic, “we are sorry to hear”, response but would hope that your customers were given more respect.

It’s all good printing bus timetables but if people don’t know what the bus they previously used has now been renumbered to or rerouted to there is very little point to the timetable.

Finally, I just wanted to say that I sympathise with the administration staff that have to read the complaint letters and have to speak to irrate customers. It is not their doing that is slowly but surely killing our city by cutting routes and therefore making it increasingly difficult for people to get access to certain parts of the city centre.

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