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Once again a complaint about an arrogant, nasty, big mouthed, bus driver.

My wife was at Crystal Peaks with our grand daughter in a single pram waiting for a bus to return home, in front of her was a young man with a double pram, so when the bus arrived my wife let the young man on first.

He got on the bus and sat opposite the designated pramwheelchair space, my wife then tried getting on and was told in a very abrupt manner that she could not get on, so she presumed it was because the pram space was full, but she saw the pram space was empty, so tried getting on again, to which the driver shouted, “I’ve told you once you can’t get on the bus” and when my wife told him the pram space was empty he replied, “I’ve told you once, I’ve told you twice, now get of the bus. This was approx 11-20 from Crystal Peaks on a 120 First bus.

These arrogant, big mouthed, big headed drivers want sorting out and sending on a customer service course. And then the bus companies have a poster campaign to vote for your best driver. Worst driver would be more appropriate and get more nominations.


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