Working together for reopening of public WC

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Colin Taylor (The Star, Monday, January 13) gives a very distorted version of the facts about the reopening of the public toilets in Chapeltown.

Despite an 800-plus petition from local residents and representation from the public at all their monthly finance meetings, the East Ecclesfield Parish Council decided they could not take on the total control and running of the toilets. The parish councillors decided that they would only be prepared to take on the day-to-day running of the toilets and wanted nothing to do with the buildings and maintenance .

After much consultation with the city council, it has been agreed that the day-to-day running will be taken on by the parish council and the city council will keep on the responsibility and upkeep of the buildings, .

It will reopen at the beginning of April.

The underpinning required is nothing to do with the safety or delay in the opening of the toilets, and will not cost parishioners anything.

I f the council had spent money on maintaining these toilets Colin would have been complaining about them wasting money on closed buildings. It is good that the parish councillors and the city councillors have worked together to reopen the toilets.

Colin Taylor should take a very close look at why all the cutbacks are having to be made.

He might realise that it’s down to his party the Lib_Dems in government and the cuts to the funding of our city.

Mick Gethin

Westbury Avenue, Chapeltown, S35