Woman hurt in collision with tram in city centre

tramCL''tram collision in sheffield city centre - december 10, 2011
tramCL''tram collision in sheffield city centre - december 10, 2011
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POLICE are investigating after a woman was hit by a tram outside Sheffield Cathedral.

Shocked shoppers and workers, some visibily upset, witnessed the collision at 11.15am on Saturday.

Some said they heard the tram’s horn sounding and others spoke of hearing screams.

Police directed passers-by and on-lookers away from the scene while paramedics treated the casualty.

She could be seen lying alongside the tram close to the front of the vehicle.

Paramedics covered the injured woman in a heat insulating sheet to keep her warm while she lay on the freezing ground in icy weather.

Medics crouched on the ground as they worked on the casualty while waiting for an ambulance.

Police took witness statements from people waiting at the tram stop. They blocked off the tram tracks close to the crash scene while paramedics treated the injured woman.

A South Yorkshire Police spokesman said the woman appeared to have stepped in front of the tram.

Derwent Levick, who was handing out free mince pies close to the crash scene, said: “I saw the person involved going to the ground and there looked like there was a fair amount of blood. There were a lot of people around.

“There seemed to have been people trying to nip across to the tram as it pulled up.”

Ray Hartley, aged 71, who was shopping at the time, said: “It looked like there had been a glancing blow.

“There were a lot of people at the tram stop at the time so they will soon get to the bottom of what happened.”

Another shopper said: “It was strange because there was a big medical emergency happening with crowds of people around and you could still hear Christmas carols.

“There was somebody at the tram stop at the time dressed in a festive costume and who looked shocked at what had happened. It would not have been what she expected when she came into town for a nice day out at this time of year.”