Woes of blue box day

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It’s our blue bin and box day here at sunny Mosborough!

When the new system started in December it wasn’t long before I found I had too much paper for the box so, having retained my original blue box from the last failed scheme, I thought I’d use it for the excess paper.

Along came the collectors and both blue boxes and bins were emptied – brilliant!

This situation didn’t repeat itself until I went on a short break and missed the last collection so for today’s collection I again put out both blue bins to find that only one was emptied, so I rang Veolia. Having explained all this I was put on hold by a rather bemused individual while he checked this.

After a short while he said this wouldn’t be emptied as it wasn’t one of their boxes. So I asked why was it emptied earlier this year – as a gesture of goodwill apparently!

I then asked what I should do with the excess paper and was told to put it in the black bin!

Ridiculous! But it does explain why last month I saw the jobsworth operatives leaving a cardboard box full of papers and cardboard but emptied the blue box. Beggars belief doesn’t it?

I pay council tax for all my refuse and recycling to be removed so why isn’t someone at the council telling this Mickey Mouse company to get their act together and do the job they are paid to do?

Recycling centres, which are operated by the same company, take all manner of recycling but put the wrong thing in or leave any extra with your blue bin and they leave it and then tell you to contribute more to the landfill problem.

Ex Recycler, Mosborough

The justification given for importing other people’s rubbish to burn at our incinerator is that Sheffield doesn’t generate enough rubbish to keep it working at efficient levels. Why did they build it so big?

They’ve given it the go- ahead to ramp up the amount of waste it burns, spewing into the atmosphere that our children and old people breathe. No doubt asthma and associated health problems will ramp up as a result. No doubt in years to come it will not be their fault either.

Mick Ibbotson, Piper Cl, S5