Wimbledon buys device

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A UNIQUE device invented in South Yorkshire will be used to prevent Wimbledon tennis courts from flooding this summer.

The gadget, developed by Waterguard Services which is based at Oaks Business Park, Barnsley, detects and automatically shuts off water supply in the event of a burst or major leak.

It has been fitted in schools, universities, public buildings and homes and the system has been installed to prevent the flooding of tennis courts at Wimbledon.

It will also be installed at the £1.45 billion Stratford City retail and leisure development – dubbed the Gateway to London’s Olympic Park - and an extension to the Royal Courts of Justice.

Waterguard Services director Wayne Strachan warned that burst pipes could be have devastating effects.

He said: “The harsh weather last December really brought to the fore the potential damage burst pipes can cause.

“A fractured 15mm pipe can deliver a huge volume of water in just a few minutes, but bursts often go unnoticed for hours or even days. The effects can be devastating.”

The firm has been working with a corporate development specialist from Enterprising Barnsley, to draw up a marketing strategy and attract more business.