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I am writing to you in the hope that you will throw your hat into the ring regarding the decision to halt the imminent felling of the trees on Rustlings Road and presumably further afield if they succeed here.

The council maintain that the trees cause damage to the pavements. If you consider this logically, then I would maintain that far more damage has been caused to both pavements and roads when they stopped cleaning out the drains, preferring to waste the ratepayers’ money on unnecessary schemes and workshops.

While the workshops may appeal to the minority groups they serve, they do not enhance the “living experience” for either the residents or visitors, which the trees most certainly do.

As I have touched on the council’s claim that the damage is caused to the pavements by the trees, once again let’s set the record straight on this issue.

The truly abysmal condition of the roads and pavements in Sheffield has been caused by year on year total neglect to maintain them by the Labour council.

Although we hear a lot of talk about the fact the Liberal Democrats successfully got money from central government I can see little or no action in the west of the city.

I hope you will take the above comments up with the city council.

M Swann

by email