Will this be a bright idea?

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THE idea to dim street lights in Sheffield from 8pm is the kind of suggestion which will be greeted by howls of protests in some quarters.

And rightly so because the security of people on our streets is a major concern to readers of this newspaper.

However, the problem with the suggestion currently being considered among a raft of cash saving highways proposals is that not enough information accompanies the idea.

All we know is that this proposal is for some streets though we are not told the criteria for choosing them.

Once that is known the people of Sheffield will have a better idea on whether to protest or praise the scheme which is part of a package of savings being suggested as a way of bringing forward the proposal to renovate the entire city highways network.

But we hope that if this idea comes about then it is done with full, meaningful consultation of the people involved. And they also ought to ensure that people know what they can expect under any changes.

Crime can never be allowed to pay

THEY say that crime doesn’t pay. But one Sheffield woman seems determined to hang on to her ill-gotten gains at any price.

Lily Lee was jailed for her part in a sophisticated scam which saw her smuggle millions of pounds’ worth of fake goods from China into the UK to be sold on internet auction sites.

It was reckoned that she had made a cool £2.75 million from her crimes.

And so far the criminal has failed to pay back a penny of the cash despite a court ruling that she should co-operate.

As a result she has been hauled back before the courts and ordered to pay back an additional £800,000 or go to jail for five years on top of her current sentence of four years and nine months.

To date is seems that she is determined to bluff out the threats which followed confiscation proceedings.

The authorities need to ensure that she - and others tempted to follow her lead - is left in no doubt that crime does not pay.

Help good cause

EVERYONE likes to feel young on their birthday, so how about keeping fit to celebrate that special day?

That’s exactly what The Starlight Walk offers as it celebrates its 40th anniversary - the highlight of a birthday year of fundraising fun for St Luke’s Hospice in Sheffield.

We are delighted to join forces with the hospice to encourage as many people as possible to sign up for the 5km event which takes place in May.

It sounds like an offer too good to refuse - an evening walk to keep you healthy, all in aid of a good cause.