Will they go home after the conflict?

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I couldn’t have put the letter from Dave better myself.

My grandparents and great grandparent endured two World Wars and were bombed out in the Blitz and told me stories of rationing, air raids, call-up papers, and de mob suits, which as a little girl I found fascinating, as I was fortunate not to have been born in those awful times.

However, they never mentioned fleeing, they fought for King and country like true Brits along with many others who lost their sons, husbands and brothers, and people pulled together to make Britain great again.

But for what. I take it we are just helping these refugees out while the conflicts in their countries are settled, and then they will want to go back home to their homeland, won’t they?

Forget the bedroom tax, anyone with a spare room will be forced to take these people in, you mark my words.