Will the tree forum just be a sham?

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Is Councillor Fox playing a game with us all, the good citizens of Sheffield?

He has commissioned a ‘Tree Forum’, which was originally welcomed as a starting point for at last(!) putting in place some good practice for Amey.

However, the purpose of said forum now remains unclear, especially after comments made by Coun Fox in the wake of the first Tree Forum held one week before, on July 23, 2015.

We the people, were of the understanding, that the Tree Forum was an information gathering exercise, to better inform the poor decisions that are currently being undertaken by Amey, ergo, Sheffield City Council.

Warning bells should have been ringing when Coun Fox took questions for forty minutes.

Forty minutes of taking questions - that’s very generous!

Except that’s ALL he did – take questions for forty minutes, from about twenty people, one after the other, after the other.

In my view, Coun Fox didn’t answer a single one of these questions.

So what kind of meeting IS the Tree Forum exactly?

It appears quite evident that it has no actual purpose at all , other than to further Sheffield City Council’s lumbering propaganda machine.

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