Will last one out of town turn off lights

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The car rules this city at the expense of other priorities.

The stupid one way system that this city is in the grip of, is ludicrous. Having to travel up to a quarter of a mile to get to the other side of the road is unbelievable.

The Moor was closed to traffic in the late ’70s to pedestrianise the area and by 1981 the ugly Manpower Services Building was built to straddle the bottom of the Moor closing what was an ideal way of getting to London Road and beyond.

The Moor should be opened up to traffic again as a direct route out of and into town.

In 1967 the Hole in the Road was opened with much publicity but how long did that last?

It was filled in after 27 years and it cost £240,00 to build. It wasn’t really needed, as we’ve gone back to more or less exactly what we have now, a tram track.

The Hole in the Road was someone’s step up the ladder and they left us with another white elephant.

After a few months gangs of youths hung about, perhaps quite innocently, but to older people they looked quite menacing, then the down and outs and alcoholics settled there.

The Carver Street Fire Station was another short- lived building.

Just why was this demolished and why was the new one built where engines have to exit straight into traffic?

At long last the Old General Post Office in Fitzalan Square is being brought back from dereliction to what it was before.

I just hope that the students who use it realise just how much this old lady is loved by the people of Sheffield. They should enjoy it and respect it,.

The city I know is student-friendly but don’t we have enough bars and night clubs?

What about the people who will spend their whole lives here, make things better and more pleasing for them.

I firmly believe that the first nail in Sheffield City Centres coffin was firmly hammered in the day that Meadowhall was given the go-ahead, even bus routes that never went anyhere near Meadowhall were re-routed to go there.

I know the council will give credible answers to some of these worries but it doesn’t alter the fact they got it all wrong.

I suppose I should now end by saying “Will the last one out of town please turn all the lights off.”

Vin Malone

by email