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Save the trees campaign on Rustlings Road in Sheffield
Save the trees campaign on Rustlings Road in Sheffield
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I was born in S7, and grew up with the street trees. Although I never lived on Chelsea Road, I know how much my life would have been affected, if the tree wasn’t there. Or how my memory will be if it disappears now.

I moved from S7, at the age of 21 because it was too hilly, and I had sustained a lifelong disability, which for a while confined me to a wheelchair.

It was very important to my wellbeing to move somewhere quite flat and green because I swapped my electric wheelchair for a pedal recumbent cycle. And I love being part of my community.

I moved to S17, which is full of street trees and I enjoy cycling on the roads and paths near my house.

I feel absolutely voiceless, and mute, but not deaf when I hear how the street trees need to be felled for the disabled’.

Not for me they don’t, or for the barn owl, that lives in the tree outside my house.

Or the many bats that reside in the trees, on my road.

Isn’t it an offence to destroy wildlife’s natural habitat?

Caroline Waugh

by email