Widow Maureen Greaves is no victim, she’s a shining example of forgiveness to us all

Maureen and Alan Greaves
Maureen and Alan Greaves
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Maureen Greaves had her faith in humanity and her God tested in the most terrible way when her husband Alan was callously murdered as he made his way to church last Christmas Eve.

In July, her steadfast belief that good always prevails over evil was proven when two men were jailed for nine years for their part in Alan’s death.

But now it’s been revealed that just days before the pair went on trial at Sheffield Crown Court, a case that would prove to be an immensely distressing event for Maureen, she herself was attacked in the street. She was punched in the face by a woman begging for money.

For a brief time, the petite, gentle 64-year-old knew first-hand some of the terror and helplessness that her husband of 40 years experienced on the night he was battered into a coma.

Maureen’s strength and composure amazed us at the time of her husband’s death. Her grace when she publicly forgave his killers after they were sentenced left us almost speechless with respect and admiration.

It will surprise no one, then, to learn that widow Maureen, an inspiration to us all, is now considering not pressing charges against the young woman police have arrested.

She wants them to find about her attacker’s background first.

If there’s a mental health issue at the root of it all, she says she would prefer to get the woman the help she needs and see her go free.

It’s most likely the woman who attempted to steal Maureen’s bag, then lashed out, didn’t know who she was dealing with that day.

I hope police will have now made her well aware who her victim was. And that, whatever her state of mind, she feels humbled by, and deeply grateful for, the compassion being shown to her by someone who has suffered so much.