Why work is done

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I WRITE in reply to numerous letters to The Star about improvement works on the Manor Park.

As chairman of the MPTRA I would like to set the record straight for your readers.

The works being carried out are not paid for by Sheffield Council as is the misconception of many readers who have corresponded to your paper.

The works are being paid for by Pennine 2000 which is the social landlord which manages the Manor Park estate.

Pennine is the landlord and was chosen by the tenants of my estate when we went down the stock transfer route some years ago. The alternative was staying with Sheffield Homes.

A part of a 30-year plan for the area included in the Decent Homes programme, is all the environmental works that can be seen taking place. Also included is the creation of three new parks, which residents of the area were asked to name.

All this has taken place in complete knowledge of all the people of the area.

Pennine has gone to great lengths to be as inclusive to all who live in the area as they can, as can be seen by all who now drive through my area: it is being turned into a very nice area to live.

None of the works carried out in my area would have been done if our estate had stayed with Sheffield Homes. I hope that this puts the record straight and in future I suggest that before people make assumptions they check out all the facts.

Steve Willis chairman of MPTRA and resident