Why, why, why, Delilah?

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Delilah was planted in 1901, along with multiple saplings on Rustlings Road. She is a well-established, flourishing, healthy, lime tree and around mid-way through her expected life span.

Delilah has been targeted by Amey for felling, along with 10 other century-old trees like her.

She is not dead, dying, diseased, dangerous or discriminatory. She is not inhibiting access – two mobility scooters can pass by her, side by side!! Hundreds of runners pass by her unhindered every Saturday!!

So why, why, why Delilah?!

Because of previous shoddy management that has put asphalt right up to her main stem, and which is now, obviously in need of repair.

Why not just do what needs to be done with the asphalt around her base?

Good question, and one that Sheffield City Council refuses to answer.

We produce strategies, standards, legislation, policies and best practice.

If SCC are choosing to ignore or reject these, in whole or in part, to suit their own personal ends, then they are not acting in accordance with their legal duties, or the general current consensus.

If choosing not to comply, there should be detailed, well-reasoned explanations, appropriately and reliably supported.

No such reasoning has been forthcoming from SCC or Amey.

And it is becoming clearer day by day, that this is because no such reasoning has been applied.

Shame on you SCC.

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