Why weren’t we told about parking change?

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I was one of those students who parked on Favell Road outside Sheffield University last month on opening day when we welcomed new students to our beautiful city.

I saw a long line of cars parked on the right side of the road and going past them I attempted to access the university car park.

Unfortunately for me, the access was blocked by three coaches so I went round the block to park behind the parked cars.

I spent 15 minutes in the university doing my assignment and went back to my car. They were there in force, my car at the back of the queue was one of the first to be ticketed while another inspector did those in front.

I moved my car into the university car park and the disabled bay was occupied, but not by a disabled parker.

I parked in an empty bay and was told I couldn’t park there, it was for staff.

I spoke to the university marshals and was shocked they had not told people who were parking that the university had suspended all the pay and display bays on Flavell Road.

I have received the knock back on my claim against the parking ticket by parking services.

Why? Because although they understand my difficulty in trying to find somewhere to park I still have to obey the parking rules.

All they had to do was to hood the pay and display machines for that day.

Frank Hardy